It's Time to Start Your JOURNEY IN ANALYTICS!

---Process Improvement & Business Operations---

We examine what works, what doesn’t, by how much, and why; with the highest measurement standards to make the best possible decisions. Leverage Data to identify areas of improvement within operations.


     > Complete end-to-end business operations analysis

     > Product, pricing, promotion, placement, sales and profit analysis

     > Planning, allocation, inventory, and merchandising analysis

     > Performance, optimization, attribution

     > Financial planning & analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and targeting

     > Predictive/prescriptive analytics, regression modeling, forecasting

     > Optimization strategy, portfolio strategy, and optimal mix

     > Continuous improvements and adjustments to operations to provide

best results and world class streamlined processes. 

We conduct detailed and comprehensive analysis with insights and recommendations by our team of analytics and insights professionals. Our professionals are extremely passionate about producing high-quality analyses – it’s in our DNA.

-------------------------Data Science------------------------

Let us connect the data in your enterprise for efficient storage, access, analysis, modeling, and prediction. From data exploration to integration, preparation and management and high-confidence decision-making.


> Data exploration, mining, hygiene, and audits

> Connect data with ERP and 3rd party applications

> Data Categorization and Benchmarking

> Defining Big Data and building data dictionaries

> Planning, collecting and governing digital data

> Forecasting and regression modeling and analysis

> iMacro & AutoHotKey automation

> Anomaly and outlier detection of rare items, events, observations


Our data science services transform information from data into highly valuable predictive and prescriptive analytics models and decision-making engines.

-------------Data Management & Operations----------

Let us manage your data with a team of highly trained users who will help your operations by reducing exceptions and increasing data accuracy.


> Item Master Management

> Contract Master Management

> Part Number, Unit of Measure, Price, and Contract Exceptions

> Purchasing Operations including Order Processing

> Develop a highly efficient process where integration of GHX and ERP systems is done at a click of a button


Our data processing and operations support will be measured and able to show improvement immediately after taking over operations.

-----------------Analytics & Custom Tools----------------

Objective performance reporting that is accurate, timely, and high-quality. We build customized reporting solutions to fit your needs.


> Real-time reporting, alerting, forecasting, and prediction

> Data visualization, illustration and dashboard production

> Analytics and business intelligence platform implementations

> Creation of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)

> Business Intelligence EDW, architecture and schema modeling

> Tag management, implementation, standardization, and QA

> White-labelled reporting: company, department, partnership, etc.

> Unbiased 3rd party reporting for partnerships/transactions/valuations

> Develop Custom tools in platforms like MS Access to Manage Projects, Manage Tasks, Track Savings, etc.


The foundation for data-driven insights, reporting is a critical component to ensure you have a consistent pulse on the performance of your enterprise.